coqThe long Normandy coastline is ideal for the farming of oysters and mussels also fishing for scallops, lobsters, soles, bass,...

vache normandeIn the meadows, the famous Normandy cows, fed with rich grass produce top quality milk and meat. Salt-meadow sheep and pig ( the Bayeux pig notably) are real treasures. The town of Vire is famous for chitterlings whereas Caen prefers tripe !

camembertMilk and butter are at the basis of Normandy cooking in which cream remains the star. The 3 most famous cheeses are Camembert, Livarot and Pont l' Eveque.

pommeIn Normandy, the apple is not a sin ! There are 2 big families of apples : those for the preparation of Normandy tart and other cooking specialities and others for the production of cider and the famous Calvados. During big family meals, the ”trou normand” is always welcome.
The Pommeau, comes from the wedding of apple juice and Calvados and is very much appreciated as an aperitive.

If these local delicacies sound tempting, do not wait anymore and come and eat or drink them with relish in our beautiful region !
We shall advice you which restaurants prepare them best. Let's not forget local open markets where small producers keep us happy...